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Sophia Rocha - Top Rated Crowdfunding PR

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If you’re looking for a new way to think about your PR approach to your crowdfunding campaign, Turnkey PR Boost is the answer for you. Crowdfunders agree that it is the best way to get real PR coverage for your crowdfunding project on Indiegogo or Kickstarter. But if you are looking for a standard press release you have come to the wrong place. The spiritual level of Turnkey PR Boost is as high as it is because of their expertise. You will get data-driven results, 100 percent focused on the PR campaign that is customized to your specific crowdfunding goals. Learn more about turnkeypr boost now.


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When it comes to getting tremendous amounts of PR attention for your crowdfunding campaign, the TurnKey Boost Team rises above other approaches. Our clients have has their successes documented in a number of media, including blogs, magazines, and major newspapers. Their success is proof of the Turnkey PR Boost approach to PR. From start to finish, your crowdfunding campaign is managed by one of our expert TurnkeyPR Boost team members who applies our proven PR methodology.


Consider everything you know and have learned about the traditional ways of approaching public relations – press releases, publicity campaigns, and the like. Now forget it all!

That’s right. Forget all that you have heard about the traditional PR Industry, what your friend told you, or the advice you got from some random PR service. Definitely forget the advice you found on the result of a blog post you Googled. 


Our starting point is to reveal the layers underneath traditional PR and the press release. Our goal is to, after breaking it down, to focus on how we can deliver better results, in less time, at less cost.

If you are ready to look at a PR campaign method that is totally new, completely data-driven, result oriented, and effective, then follow along with us. We are going to let you see how PR can be done using the TurnKeyPR Boost Way. If it seems we are making the matter more complicated, we are not. What we are trying to do is to get the best possible result for you and all of our crowdfunding clients.

Our philosophy is basic, simple, and created to get results.


Unless you have a company the size of Microsoft, Google, Apple, or the like, traditional press releases simply are no longer effective. Crowdfunding campaigns need a new and different approach if it is going to get the media’s attention. If you are getting offers from a PR service that wants to feed you a new variation on the traditional press release, you should keep your money because they do not work.

Why? Because the traditional press release takes the approach that we call “It is all about me!” Huge, established companies have already captured the media’s attention and can use the more traditional forms of PR.


PR sometimes is just not about you.


Using a press release in the “It is all about me!” approach presumes people and businesses will drop everything to hear what you have to say. There is a reason it is called a press “release.” The presumption is that you have something so important, so world changing, that it has been kept a secret and its knowledge is now being “released” to the public. Unfortunately, your crowdfunding campaign does not fall into the same category as these established companies, even if your campaign and product or service is truly awesome. (The good news is that to avoid getting swept under by the sea of mega company press releases you need to get creative. And that is where Turnkey PR Boost is ready to help.) 


If you look when President Obama steps out into the White House rose garden to conduct a press conference, the media surrounds him and asks “What do you have to tell us today, Mr. President?” Your crowdfunding campaigns are similar to this in that you are announcing some fantastic news that the world is waiting for. “Come and join us!” is your message. But it’s going to take you a lot more to get the word out. That’s where TurnKey PR Boost comes in to help.


Unfortunately, you do not have the media’s attention like President Obama does, so the chances of your campaign getting similar attention from the media is remote. The truth is, creating and releasing a press release can actually slow your crowdfunding campaign down because it wastes valuable time and resources going down a road to nowhere.


Let Turnkey PR Boost manage your PR time and resources to get the most from your crowdfunding campaign. Sign up today at turnkey pr boost.



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