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Sophia Rocha


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Sacramento is the fifth-largest city in California State.  It is densely populated with an estimated population of 475,122 people, recorded in 2014. The city is a hub of both small and large businesses. Major businesses revolve around shops, offices and schools among others. Such businesses have valuable property that needs to be protected against theft and unauthorized access. Our locksmiths understand how businesses can be different and often strive to design an individualized safety and security approach.

24 Sacramento Locksmith offers a number of locksmith services including commercial lock installation lock change and business lockouts among other related services. We also install high security systems, panic bar doors and access control systems. With our services, you can keep your household and property safe by controlling whoever goes in and out of your house. Check 24 hour locksmith Sacramento to find out more. 

We have great expertise and unique skills in protecting businesses. Also, we are quick, reliable and experienced in combining the latest locksmith technology to build a comprehensive plan for your business. We take time to analyze your building in detail and consult you before implementing any security solution in your home or business premises. Don't worry, we have a security solution for each client.

Count on us to safeguard your property, whether small or large.

Call us today for free consultation!

(916) 229-6040


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Sophia Rocha

The Main Benefits of IT Consulting

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Regardless of whether your company already has an information technology (IT) department, the use of an IT consulting firm may provide your organization with many different benefits. As standard IT departments continue to use less and less employees to perform more job duties, it has become extremely hard for some companies to keep up with the constant changes in the IT world. Because of this, many businesses are now heavily relying on both new and old IT systems that are both extremely in-depth and very expensive. In order for companies to combat these high expenses, while also handling the continually increasing workload, businesses are now starting to frequently use the services of a professional IT consulting firm. In fact, there are many advantages that an information technology consulting company can provide both small and large businesses.

Managed Services

Although an information technology staff is extremely important to any business, they are often focused on time consuming responsibilities. Because of the time commitment that many specialized jobs require, there isn’t much time left for other day-to-day job duties. By utilizing the resources of a consulting firm, your company’s IT department will be able to have its workload reduced while focusing more on specific projects that will help improve the business. In addition, giving information technology employees the chance to focus on more important work, an IT consulting firm will be able to take over some of the more mundane tasks like software updates, data backup, planning, and network security.

IT Consulting

Uniformed IT Systems

As technology continues to advance and become a vital part of today’s business, the old ways of conducting business are quickly becoming more and more ineffective. This is even truer for certain companies that maintain inadequate IT systems instead of making the necessary changes. Without question, one of the best ways to ensure that your company’s IT department continues to progress is by using the services of an expert information technology consulting business. An IT consulting firm will be able to help your business create uniformed technology systems in order to stay up to date on important industry practices.

IT Solutions that are Virtualized

One of the biggest advances in the current world of technology is the virtualization of web based software and storage methods. Typically referred to as “cloud” solutions, these practices allow companies to expand their overall business reach and receive the latest in specific IT practices. When it comes to cloud virtualization, an IT consulting partner is ideal to help make a new system be effective. Not only that, but an IT expert will also be able to assist in developing and integrating new virtualization technologies that will be able to benefit your organization. As virtualization and technology solutions continue to become more involved in business operations, the importance of IT consulting services continue to grow.

Visit, for more details.

Sophia Rocha

Thoughts on Clubbing Wine Style

3 min read

As a longtime wine lover, I share a common experience with many wine enthusiasts: I’ve set out to find the perfect bottle of wine for dinner, a special occasion, or a party, and walked into my local grocery store to face shelves upon shelves of wine. Overwhelmed by the array of choices, with no basis to judge quality or originality, I grab a few familiar bottles or take my chances on an unfamiliar label–for better or for worse. Like most wine enthusiasts, I love to discover new wines from a variety of regions, but I don’t want to risk buying a bad bottle, either for myself or for sharing with company. Enter the modern day wine club.

I love the idea that wine experts can help me choose my next great bottle, and you can’t beat the convenience of high-quality wine delivered right to your door. Many wine clubs pride themselves of the exceptional value of their offerings, and are able to slash prices by delivering wine directly to consumers and cultivating close relationships with wineries and winemakers. My wine club subscriptions have introduced me to a huge variety of amazing wines, including hidden gems from boutique and independent wineries that I would never find in a retail store. I’m a huge fan of red wines from California, so I selected a wine club with an emphasis on the Napa and Sonoma regions. No matter what kind of wine lover you are–whether you like to sample wines nationally and internationally, or you like to stick to your tried-and-true favorite varietals–there’s a wine club for every palate and preference. There are even wine clubs that specialize in vegan, organic and Kosher wines, plus one club that delivers gourmet bacon with every shipment which has got to be good (except, uh, for the Kosher folks I guess). With so many clubs to choose from and options for customization, wine club subscriptions also make a great gift.

Best of all, my monthly wine club subscription is a great opportunity to enjoy wine with my family and friends. Seeing that wine club shipment on my porch reminds me to carve time out for socializing and relaxing. Many wine club members that I know reserve their wines to enjoy over a monthly dinner with friends. I like to plan a date night with my wife, like dinner at a BYOB restaurant paired with an evening at the theater or a movie. We also enjoy having friends over for dinner, or even just wine and cheese. There’s no wrong way to enjoy a bottle of wine, and it’s a great feeling knowing you’re uncorking a unique, high-quality bottle that’s been selected by people who know their stuff.

Take a look around here at BestWineClub.Org, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Start browsing now, and happy clubbing!

Sophia Rocha

TurnKey PR review of Best Crowdfunding PR Methods

4 min read




TurnKey PR believes in using a data-driven method to pitch all our story ideas. This is the process that we use for most of our accounts, and the one we did use our Waybu account:




* Create a media list and send bulk emails to everyone on the list.




* Choose a story idea pitch template that we designed. This template has gone through extensive refining and A/B testing.




* Customize the template, varying each one differently. This includes making the email subject lines different.




* Email one version of these pitches to at least 100 small media outlets.




* Use our own data analysis worksheet to see how many people responded favorably to our email pitch.




* From the responses a single 'winning' pitch will emerge from the bunch. Working on this one pitch will make it better and better.




* Take this winning pitch and scale it to reach the large media outlets, as well as thousands of other media contacts.




* * For Waybu we went to small media outlets to test our 'college entrepreneurship' story ideas. We reached out to those businesses that actually prefer highlighting stories about small businesses and entrepreneurs.


After we finished our testing, we finally decided that the email subject line that was the overall winner is:




Story Idea: College Entrepreneurs Start Sustainable Brand Of Eyewear




We find that this pitch offers a lot of positive content, and is a fun and breezy line.




* The TurnKey PR media team then sends the story idea pitch to a few media outlets, before reaching for a wider contact range.




* Next step is to send the story out to various media outlets like newspapers, magazines (both men's and women's), morning tv shows, lifestyle bloggers, and radio shows that play during rush hour commutes. These reach a wide audience rather quickly.




Our Success




It did not take very long for responses to start flooding our email box. Both small and large media outlets responded within minutes of receiving our email pitch. Comments such as "we love it!" and "this is fun" from editors, producers, and reporters made our staff smile. It didn't matter who we sent our story pitch to, they all had an emotional response and wanted to let us know. We are so glad they did!


As main street media began broadcasting segments of our story, and articles about the story were published, we were excited to think that we might reach a high syndication factor. Once our story was out there, other media outlets wanted to cover it.




Once the story reaches the most influential media outlets, other media will want in on the story, and we don't even have to send a pitch to them. TurnKey PR used this technique for our Waybu account; we do the same for all our projects.




Before we knew it, there was coverage of our story worldwide - from many places that were not even on our media list. When this became a daily occurrence, we knew our campaign was now a viral PR hit.




The End Results




No matter how we measure it, our campaign for Waybu is a huge success. Over 5 million people saw our story, thanks to more than 50 different media outlets sharing it with a global audience.




TurnKey PR offers our customers the perfect solution for their every need, no matter what the project is. Whether you are in design, tech, music, film, or print, the process for every project is basically the same.


We know our PR process works because we have helped artists, inventors, entrepreneurs, crowdfunders, and startups. Further more, there are dozens of our success stories on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, all which assure us that our methods really do work.




Knowing our success rate, isn't it time to get PR for your own project? All you need to do to start the process is visit our website: crowdfunding PR. The TurnKey PR team is always more than happy to address your concerns and answer any question you may have. You may also visit: turnkey pr for more details.